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Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently

About us

Cossum Swim Schools are Northern Ireland's largest provider of aquatic training courses, swimming lessons, snorkelling and Sea Scooters. Our wide range of courses provide the professional training necessary for both swimming tutors and lifeguards. Our swimming courses cater for people of all ages starting from tiny babies ranging to advanced swimmers.

After a career as a professional commercial diver, in the 80s. Des Cossum (founder) worked for the Swimming Teachers Association as a National Tutor training swimming teachers and lifeguards.
In 1990, The STA awarded him their highest accolade for his: 'Outstanding Contribution to Swimming'. Cossum Swim Schools is the only body in Ireland that offers the complete spectrum of aquatic training from our Starfish Classes (Infants) to teacher/ lifeguard and first aid training.
If you would like to attend our exciting swim schools then see our range of venues for further information contact us

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